1. Mural Name : THE MONEY FACTORY 
2. The concept and idea : A Secret world that we never think before, 
happening inside a Cash Deposit machine.

3. Rationale : 
The function of this money factory machines is to collect and transfer all the money from cash deposit, the pacman and robot hand is the worker in side the factory. The Malaysia culture element inside [ Money factory ] is the progression of how Malaysian daily consume behavior .

Through out all the consume process , the final step will be transfer all the money keep inside the money drawer in safety .

4. Malaysia culture and elements : Malay Kampung ,City , Ktm , Kereta Api , Malaysian car, wau , baba nyonya home decoration culture, bunga raya, hornbill bird, gasing… 

Places : penang , Melaka, city building , kampung style…
Malaysia culture food : nasi lemak , kuih muih , loh mee ,har mee, boiled egg , teh tarik, kopi , durian, mangostee   
 Special Thanks Wayne for Photo Captured

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